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Author Topic: (284) Tissue Type Correspondence  (Read 54868 times)


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(284) Tissue Type Correspondence
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Here are five types of Tissue Correspondence mentioned in the Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic (Huang Di Nei Jing).  These relationships are part of the holographic theory and they are: 1. In diseases of the bones, treat bones, 2. In diseases of the muscles, treat muscles, 3. In diseases of the vessels, treat vessels, 4. In diseases of the flesh, treat flesh, and 5. In diseases of the skin, treat skin.

A. In Diseases of the Bones, Treat Bones

1. Ling Gu and Da Bai
In this type of correspondence, you needle close to a joint or the junction of multiple bones in order to treat joint or bone issues. An example of this type of treatment in Tung's acupuncture is needling Ling Gu and Da Bai in the treatment of sciatica. These two points are located close to the second metacarpal bone and its junction with the first metacarpal.

2. GB 31, DU26, SI3, UB65, LI11
Another example seen in TCM acupuncture points, is the use of deep needling of GB31 to the bone level to treat Bi syndrome pain, or neck and back pain. GB31, known in Tung's acupuncture as Zhong Jiu Li, is needled to the bone level to treat pain and hemiplegia. You can combine this point with DU26, SI3, and UB65. Each of these is located close to a bone and should be needled close to the bone to treat neck pain, back pain, and degenerative disorders. The combination of Ling Gu and UB65 is also used in this way to treat heel pain.

3. LI11, LV3 / Hou Zhu
LI11 needled close to the bone instead of at the end of the crease (an alternate location) is used to treat tennis elbow. LV3 or Hou Zhu (which is a Tung point located higher than LV3) is needled close to the joint to treat knee pain.

B. In Diseases of the Muscles, Treat Muscle (Including Tendon)

1. GB34, LU5
In this correspondence there are two ways to needle to affect the muscles and tendons.  You can needle on the muscle or next to the muscle. GB34 is the influential point of the muscles and tendons, and is located on a muscle. LU5, located on the medial side of a large muscle, the biceps brachii, can affect all the muscles of the body, and is used for atrophy, frozen shoulder, and hemiplegia.

2. Zheng Zong and Zheng Jin
Two Tung points, Zheng Zong and Zheng Jin, are located on the Achilles Tendon and in imaging and holography are therefore used to treat lumbar sprain and neck muscle stiffness.

C. In Diseases of the Vessels, Treat Vessels

1. LU9
In this correspondence, you may bleed a small vessel, or needle next to a large vessel. Bleeding technique shall be covered more in depth in another section. LU9, the influential point of the vessels, is located on the radial artery, a major vessel, and can be used to treat vascular problems.

2. Huo Ying and Huo Zhu, Di Zong, Tian Zong, and Ren Zong
Huo Ying and Huo Zhu, located close to LV2 and LV3, are close to the dorsal pedis artery, and can treat diseases of the blood. Di Zong, Ren Zong, Tian Zong are located near the radial collateral artery. They can treat disorders of the Heart, atherosclerosis, and blood circulation issues. 

D. In Disorders of the Flesh, Treat Flesh

1. Si Ma (Shang, Zhong, Xia), Jian Zhong
In this correspondence, needle in locations of abundant flesh, such as in the upper thigh, where the three Si Ma points are located. These are Si Ma Shang, Si Ma Zhong, and Si Ma Xia. Jian Zhong, at the shoulder, is another location of abundant flesh. These two points can be used to treat flesh problems in the body, such as atrophy.

2. LI4, LI11, LI10, ST36, UB57, LI15
The regular acupuncture points LI4, LI11, LI10, and ST36, are also good for disorders of the flesh, and skin disorders as well. Flesh is more related to the Earth element, while skin is related to metal, according to five-element theory. Therefore, by treating flesh / earth, in the generating cycle of five-element theory, this will generate metal / skin. UB57 and LI15 are another example of points that are located in areas of abundant flesh or muscles.

E. In Diseases of the Skin, Treat Skin

In this correspondence, you can needle very superficially, and sometimes remove the needle without retaining it, like plucking a chicken's feather. This can be used to treat neuropathy, dermatitis, loss of hair, and rosacea. By needling superficially, it only affects the skin level and not the muscle or flesh levels. In five-element theory, treating the flesh level can be used to generate metal and influence the skin level as well. 

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