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Author Topic: (282) Three Locations of the Four Gates  (Read 14566 times)


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(282) Three Locations of the Four Gates
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24 Gate Opening Combinations
There are 24 different Gate Opening combinations.  Yuan-source points are used in the practice of Gate Opening treatment.  The Yuan-source points are paired by opposite polarity of both Yin and Yang channels, as well as hand and foot channels.  (For more information, refer to HB's Minibook p.360) 

Three Locations of the Four Gates
LI4+LV3 is the most popular combination among the 24 Gate Openings.  There are seven reasons why this combination is the most useful combination among them all.  (See forum #228 for details.)

There are three distinct locations of the LI4+LV3 Four Gates combinations, and their functions and indications should be distinguished from each other.

1. Regular Four Gates: LI4 + LV3
This version of the Four Gates is the standard version, and is very popular for treating pain or Internal Wind such as Parkinson's disease and hand trembling. This combination is also good for calming.  Both LI4 and LV3 are Yuan Source points, with one located in the hand and one in the foot.  One point is the closest Yuan Source point to the thumb, and the other is the closest Yuan Source point to the big toe.  This is important because the big toe and thumb have the greatest collection of energy in the hand and foot.  In reflexology, the big toe and thumb are very close to the areas that pertain to the head and brain.  This is why these points are used to treat Internal Wind and pain.

2. Anterior Four Gates: Jian Gu + LV2
If someone has insomnia, the anterior Four Gates is the better choice to treat it.  Jian Gu* (Between Valley) is used to treat the chest in holographic theory and is very good for insomnia, and LV2 is also good for insomnia.  Jian Gu is for the chest, and LV2 can treat the head, so if someone has insomnia with a stuffy feeling in the chest or too much going on in their mind, then this combination can take care of both issues.

3. Posterior Four Gates: Ling Gu + Huo Zhu
This combination is used for musculoskeletal problems because the location is close to the junction of the 1st and 2nd metacarpal and metatarsal bones.  Ling Gu* (Spiritual Bone) is at the junction of the metacarpal bones, and Huo Zhu* (Fire Govern) is located at the junction of the two metatarsal bones.  This combination can be used for pain in any part of the body, knee pain, elbow pain, pain of the whole body, hand and foot pain, rheumatoid arthritis, or osteoarthritis.

Location descriptions*
Jian Gu (Between Valley): Midway between LI3 and LI4
Ling Gu (Spiritual Bone): At the joint of the 1st and 2nd metacarpals on the posterior side of the hand; above LI4 
Huo Zhu (Fire Govern): At the joint of the 1st and 2nd metatarsals on the posterior side of the foot; above LV3
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