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Author Topic: (276) Q & A: Stickler's syndrome  (Read 10116 times)


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(276) Q & A: Stickler's syndrome
« on: January 05, 2009, 08:03:08 PM »

Q:  I have a 2 year old who was born with a cleft palate and has just been diagnosed with Stickler's Syndrome.  The doctors have said that she will lose sight and hearing as she grows older.  Has anyone ever heard of acupuncture and/or herbs helping this disease?

A:   Stickler syndrome
1. An inherited disorder that can affect multiple parts of your body, including your eyes, face, ears, heart, bones and joints. The cause of Stickler syndrome is a gene mutation that affects the formation of a connective tissue called collagen.
2. Named for a German doctor named Gunnar Stickler, who described the syndrome in a young boy in 1960. Stickler syndrome is usually diagnosed in young children. If your child has Stickler syndrome, treating the signs and symptoms can help your child manage the disorder and live a full, productive life.

Acupuncture: You can give the acupuncture and herbal treatment according to signs and symptoms as the baby grows.  (example, cleft plate; ST channel, eye sight; LV channel, hearing; KD channel).  You can add influential points like UB11 (bone), UB17 (blood), GB34 (sinews) because the connective tissue is related.  I often add UB43 for congenital disorders.
Herb: Gui Zhi Tang modification is good for connective tissue disorders because it harmonize Ying and Wei levels.  However, many formulas can be used for connective tissue disorders.  Please choose by differential diagnosis.