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Author Topic: (269) Q & A: Needling order  (Read 8031 times)


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(269) Q & A: Needling order
« on: January 05, 2009, 07:45:35 PM »

Q:  Let's say that you want to treat a patient with signs of LIV Yang Rising or LIV Fire, such as severe headache and high blood pressure, with the following acupoints: GB 20, Tai Yang, possibly other local points on the head, TW 5, LI 11, SPL 6, LIV 2 or 3, and GB 43.  What is the order that the needles should be inserted, and why?  What is the order that the needles should be removed, and why?  What kind of manipulation would you do on each of the points?  Thank you.

A:  Needling order

1. Limbs - Trunk - Head
2. Leg, Yang channel first; Arm, Yin channel first (because of channel flow)

Let me reorganize your points again in order
GB43 - LV2 - SP6 - SJ5 - LI11 - GB20 - Head local - Taiyang

You can put needles on Foot first because LV Yang rising need to be draw down to foot first.  If head disorder, needle foot first; chest disorder, needle hand first.


Withdrawal order

1. Head - Trunk - Limbs
2. Limb: the same order that you needled in

Taiyang - Head local - GB20 - GB43 - LV2 - SP6 - SJ5 - LI11

You don't have to take out needles at once.  You can take out needles from head and hands first, and leave foot point 5 minutes longer.  It will draw down LV Yang rising down more.  This "time difference" will increase the treament result to optimal level.