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Author Topic: (263) Q & A: Prostatitis  (Read 7428 times)


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(263) Q & A: Prostatitis
« on: January 05, 2009, 05:13:23 PM »

Q:  I currently have a patient suffering, among other things, of prostatitis (dx'd by MD).  His only overt symptoms that I can tell from this condition is his frequent urination.  He has come to see me to address a recent episode of a TIA, though, and on top of this, he has a congenital condition of tremors.  (Patient is in his 80s.)  I unfortunately don't have any books on male diseases/conditions, and the points I could find specifically addressing prostatitis were Master Tung points.  I treated him using the indicated Master Tung points as well as Ren 3, 5 and other points (to address his potential wind stroke), but I'd like to do better. Would anybody like to share any clinical point protocol they've found effective for prostatitis?

A: Prostatitis

Major Patterns
1. SP deficiency with Damp: from improper diet and lifestyle
2. Damp-Heat pouring downward: from improper diet and lifestyle
3. LV Qi stagnation or Cold in LV channel: from physical/mental stress
4. KD deficiency: from constitutional weakness or oversex

Herbal and Acupuncture treatment can be modified by the patterns.

General acupuncture treatment that you can apply
One side: tonify LU8 and KD7, sedate SP3 and KD3
The other side: LU7(ren) and KD6(yinqiao) for REN treatment
Both side: SP6

You can choose the formulas depending on the patterns and some of the following anti-inflammatory herbs can be added: Bai Jiang Cao, Bai Hua She She Cao, Yu Xing Cao, Tu Fu Ling, Jin Yin Hua