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Author Topic: (250) Important PC points  (Read 5046 times)


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(250) Important PC points
« on: July 03, 2008, 03:31:45 PM »

PC3: This is the water point of the fire channel. It effectively treats conditions of KD deficiency + HT Fire. Probably a Tian Wan Bu Xin Dan patient.

PC4: The Xi-cleft point of the PC, and best point for acute chest pain caused by heart conditions such as angina pectoris. Like nitroglycerin, PC4 is first for chest pain. PC4 is not limited just to heart or coronary artery problems, it can be applied to any vascular condition presenting as pain due to vessel blockage. Clinically used for Buerger's Disease.

PC5: This point is like the "second-string player" for PC6. PC6 has a powerful action on the HT. If the HT is too weak to use PC6, or if PC6 can not be used for some other reason such as a burn or scar, then PC5 can take its place. PC5 is also used as the empirical point for malaria.

PC6: "Inner Pass," indicates the paths leading inward like the esophagus, stomach & trachea. PC6 targets the chest, diaphragm & epigastrium. When used alone it goes to the Upper Jiao & Middle Jiao, but reaches the Lower Jiao when combined with SP4. Famous for treating nausea & vomiting, research has shown that simply placing a slice of ginger directly onto PC6 can reduce nausea & vomiting.

PC7: Local point for Carpal Tunnel syndrome; needle toward the palm. Clinically also for nausea or vomiting due to motion sickness. Another clinical use is to calm the Shen for emotional disturbances, like Long Gu (Fossilia Ossis Mastodi) which anchors & calms Shen. HT7 is like Suan Zao Ren (Ziziphi Spinosae Semen), because both nourish & calm Shen.

PC8: Both PC8 & HT8 are horary points (fire point on the fire channel), & Ying-spring points, so needling these points disperses Heat. "Lao" is translated as fatigue or overwork, & "Gong" implies the mouth. Clinical indications include dry mouth, bitter taste in the mouth, or tongue ulcers. This point can reduce excessive sweating of the palms.

PC9: According to Korean Hand Acupuncture, PC9 corresponds to DU20, since the distal phalange of the middle finger represents the head. So PC9 can stimulate the brain in that microsystem. PC9 is the wood point of the fire channel, so it has a tonifying action. The HT & PC encompass brain functions, so PC9 can be used to increase intellectual acuity. Tonify PC (+LV1, +PC9, -KD10, -PC3) in Korean Four Needle Technique is commonly used for treatment of dementia or Alzheimer's disease, and PC9 is the most important point in this prescription.

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