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Author Topic: (247) Yi Yi Ren (Coicis Semen)  (Read 8173 times)


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(247) Yi Yi Ren (Coicis Semen)
« on: June 12, 2008, 01:37:40 PM »

YI YI REN (Coix lachryma jobi seed)

These days, Yi Yi Ren has become an important herb, especially in the US.  In the last few decades lifestyles have evolved to include calorie-laden diets while the amount of physical activity continues to decrease as we become more dependent on technology.  Yi Yi Ren is one of the most popular herbs for obesity and weight control.

When you think of Yi Yi Ren, think of gentle removal of damp-phlegm from the middle jiao.  If your patient has a large, squishy, cushiony abdomen, Yi Yi Ren should jump to mind regardless of the symptoms.

Obesity in conjunction with edema or joint pain should spring to mind Yi Yi Ren.  Other symptoms that should immediately remind you of Yi Yi Ren are: getting edema easily, feeling heavy on a rainy or humid day, or seeing the "Xi Yan (ST35 & Inner-ST35)" of the knees swollen out.  For swollen knee, a good combination is Yi Yi Ren, Cang Zhu, and Niu Xi.

For an obese patient with loose stool, think Yi Yi Ren.  Obese patients generally have a Damp constitution.  The Spleen hates Dampness.  If Dampness keeps accumulating, the Spleen will try to overcome the situation by literally dumping the extra fluids through loose stool or chronic diarrhea.  This is the body's natural defense mechanism.  This type of diarrhea is not painful; the loose stools will lack form and disperse in the toilet.  In this type of case DON'T use astringing herbs even if the Spleen function decreases and the diarrhea becomes more severe.  The treatment method needed is to strengthen the Spleen and drain the Dampness.  This simple formula is effective: Yi Yi Ren (fried), Shan Yao (fried), and either Cang Zhu or Bai Zhu.

4. PUS
Pus can be considered as a form of Damp-Phlegm; Yi Yi Ren can loosen pus and help to eliminate it from the body.  So Yi Yi Ren is good for oily skin, acne, or other red and pussy skin disorders, especially in obese people or those with a damp constitution.  The benefits of Yi Yi Ren for the skin are well known in Korea, where commercially available face masks containing Yi Yi Ren powder are common.

Yi Yi Ren can help to control cholesterol and blood sugar in patients with a damp constitution, especially obese patients.  According to pharmaceutical research, the oil component of Yi Yi Ren can lower high cholesterol; a good combination is Yi Yi Ren + Su Mu (Sappan Root) + Hong Hua.  Use Yi Yi Ren in conjunction with Tian Hua Fen to regulate blood sugar in diabetic patients.

Coal miners work in conditions of high air pollution and almost unanimously have bronchial problems.  One strategy for dealing with this heavy pollutant load is to eat fatty pork meat and skin.  The idea is that the fat binds up the toxins like a sponge, which can then be passed out of the body.  Yi Yi Ren works the same way.  It kind of absorbs the Damp-Phlegm like a sponge, and then passes it out through the urination since it is a diuretic.  With the high fat content of the modern diet, Yi Yi Ren has a special importance for the modern herbalist.  This herb has a mild action, and is often eaten as food.  The dosage should be at least 12 grams, and is often 15-30 grams.  In cases of obesity and diabetes, 20-40 grams may be used.

Tongue: The presentation of the tongue coat in a patient who can benefit from Yi Yi Ren will be thin white, white, or white and greasy. 

Pulse: The combination of damp-phlegm and qi deficiency can result in a soft or thready pulse.

Other body features: The Yi Yi Ren patient will probably have oily skin, chubby upper arms, and a large squishy abdomen.
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