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Author Topic: (234) Huang Lian (Coptidis Rhizoma)  (Read 4174 times)


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(234) Huang Lian (Coptidis Rhizoma)
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These days, our modern lifestyle tends to create a lot of stress and psychological disorders; in other words a lot of fire.  Many patients turn to acupuncture for help with disorders that have been caused by the seven emotions, the internal cause of disease.  In order to achieve internal harmony, water must rise and fire must descend.  If the fire is not descending, use Huang Lian.  Huang Lian is well known for clearing heat; it actually draws down stagnated heat in the upper jiao through the lower jiao.   

1. Stress
Symptoms including pain in the area of RN17, chest oppression, irritation, red eyes, indigestion, and sensations of heat in the head but cold hands and feet indicate imbalance of the Autonomic Nervous System.  For acute stress Xiang Fu, Chai Hu, Chen Pi, and Qing Pi are important herbs.

Substantial stress lasting for five to ten years can be classified as chronic stress.  This often occurs in people in their 40's and 50's experiencing more responsibilities at work and in the family.  For stress which stagnates qi causing heat in the chest, 4.5-6g of Huang Lian can open the chest. 

A 40 year old woman has been having marriage difficulties and financial stress for seven years.  She began to experience stifling sensations in the chest and chest pain.  Her cardiologist could find no evidence of any heart problem.  She complains of a stuffy feeling in the center of her chest (RN17 area), and says that when this sensation is severe even breathing is difficult.  Sometimes when she lies down she feels like there is something on her chest, so she doesn't sleep well.  She has a bitter taste in the mouth and cold hands and feet.  A good formula for her is:
Long Yan Rou 12g
Suan Zao Ren 8g
Huang Lian 4g
Zhi Zi 3g
Zhu Ru 3g

2. Gastritis
Some people are sensitive and get stressed easily, and tend to over think things and worry too much.  As a result they have indigestion, nausea, and pain or discomfort in the epigastric area, especially around RN14 and RN15.  Even though this is a middle jiao problem, the treatment principle must focus more on clearing heat from the Heart than on strengthening the Spleen.

3. Cold Hands and Feet
This is not the case of true cold.  In this case, there is heat in the chest but the abdomen, hands and feet feel cold.  Other symptoms probably include chest discomfort, bitter taste in the mouth, or dry mouth.  In this situation, the heat is stuck in the chest instead of being distributed evenly throughout the body.  Even though Huang Lian is a cold herb, using it in this case will warm up the abdomen, hands and feet.
Huang Lian (wine-fried) 8g
Chi Shao 6g
Dang Gui 6g
Mu Dan Pi 4g
Chai Hu 4g
Chen Pi 4g
Gui Zhi 2g

4. Thyroid
People with hyperactive thyroid glands can suffer tachycardia, palpitations, diarrhea, frequent urination, fatigue of the whole body and irregular menstruation.  An unstable emotional state often accompanies this condition, causing the patient to be easily angered, irritable, and full of anxiety and worry.  In addition they often are very sensitive to hot weather and constantly have hot and sweaty palms.  The right combination of herbs including Huang Lian can help to reduce the symptoms.
Long Yan Rou 12g
Huang Lian (fried) 6g
Mai Men Dong 4g
Wu Wei Zi 4g
Sha Shen 4g
Xia Ku Cao 3g
Zhi Zi (fried) 3g


5. Hair Loss
Modern life is a stressful paradigm.  It's easy to picture a business man with a red face and hair that's thin and brittle with hair loss occurring in a circular pattern at the top of the head.  This condition is based on Kidney yin deficiency; the Kidney yin cannot grasp the Heart fire.  In a state of harmony, the Kidney water rises up and the Heart fire descends.  But when Kidney yin is deficient, the Heart fire may flare up and dry the blood in the head, preventing the hair from receiving nourishment.  Someone in this condition may also suffer from insomnia, or heat in the upper body and cold in the lower body.  The treatment principle is to bring the fire down from the head, and also to tonify blood since hair is the surplus of blood.     
Bai He Shou Wu 12g
Shu Di Huang 12g
Dang Gui Body 4g
Dang Gui Tail 4g
Huang Lian 4g
Chuan Xiong 3g
Wu Yao 3g
Hong Hua 2g

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