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Author Topic: (103) Smart Formulas  (Read 10551 times)


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(103) Smart Formulas
« on: September 18, 2007, 04:03:00 AM »

1. Ding Zhi Wan (Settle the Emotions Pill)
Indication: Apprehensivenss, easily frightened, or incessant laughter and glee, together with palpitations with anxiety and forgetfulness
Actions: Tonifies the Heart Qi and calms the spirit

9g  Ren Shen (Radix Ginseng)
9g  Fu Ling (Sclerotium Poriae)
6g  Shi Chang Pu  (Rhizoma Acori Graminei)
6g  Yuan Zhi  (Radix Polygalae)

2. Bu Nao Wan (Cerebral Tonic Pills) - Patent pill
TCM actions: Calms the shen, transforms phlegm, extinguishes wind, strengthens the kidneys, nourishes blood, benefits and clears the brain, opens the bowels
Biomedical actions: Sedative and tranquilizer, nervine, sedates the sympathetic nervous system, mild laxative
Indications: Phlegm misting the mind, senses & shen, dull sensorum, lack of jing shen, forgetfulness, poor concentration, absentmindedness, confusion, disorientation, insomnia, dream disturbed sleep, anxiety, nervousness

Wu Wei Zi  (Schizandra chinensis)
Suan Zao Ren  (Zizyphus spinoza)
Bai Zi Ren  (Biota orientalis)
Dang Gui  (Angelica sinensis)
Gou Qi Zi  (Lycium barbarum)
Yi Zhi Ren  (Alpinia oxyphylla)
Shi Chang Pu  (Acorus gramineus)
Yuan Zhi  (Polygala)
Tian Ma  (Gastrodia elata)
Dan Nan Xing  (Arisaema cosanguinium)
Tian Zhu Huang  (Bambusa textilis)
Long Gu  (Os draconis)
Hu Po  (Amber)
Hu Tao Ren  (Juglans regia)
Rou Cong Rong  (Cistanches deserticola)

3. Empirical Formula for concentration
Indication: Unable to concentrate, poor memory, irritability
Pattern: Heat in the head

9.6g   Mai Men Dong 
9.6g   Dang Gui 
8.0g   Chuan Xiong 
5.6g   Bai Zhi 
4.0g   Bo He 
4.0g   Ju Hua 
4.0g   Qiang Huo 
4.0g   Zhi Zi 
3.2g   Gan Cao 
0.8g   Sheng Ma 
3.2g   Sheng Jiang
5.6g   Yuan Zhi 
8.0g   Shi Chang Pu 
8.0g   Long Yan Rou   
8.0g   Fu Shen 
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