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Title: (261) Q & A: Pediatric Bruxism
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Q:  Has anyone treated or heard reports of successful herbal Rx or acu Tx for pediatric bruxism. I am inquiring specifically about during sleeping patterns. The (4) four year old male child additionally suffers from bouts of nocturnal enuresis. There are no signs of Kidney, Spleen, or Lung xu.  The Sx are similar to Lv channel damp heat i.e., somnic bruxism, sleep talking, and rapid pulse. However the tongue is normal in color, and moist; also the urine is not fetid, but copious.
Would Long Dan Xie Gan Tang Jia Jian be applicable (long dan cao,Shan zhi zi, mu tong, chai hu, sheng di, ze xie, che qian zi gan cao  acu Tx Ye niao dian, Sp6, Ren 4, St 36

For Pediatric Bruxism, there are many formulas can be used.
Formulas: Dao Chi San, Gui Pi Tang, Wen Dan Tang, Gan Mai Da Zao Tang, etc.

Dao Chi San: HT and LV Fire
Gui Pi Tang: HT and SP deficiency
Wen Dan Tang: Phlegm in HT
Gan Mai Da Zao Tang: HT and GB deficiency

I would not conclude the diagnosis by tongue and pulse of 4 year old baby.  You can look at his overall signs and symptoms and choose the best formula.

I like to add Ye Jiao Teng as a modification to formula.  Bruxism (grinding of teeth) is happening between the last points of REN(yin) and DU(yang) channel.  Ye Jiao Teng is a vine of He Shou Wu.  Red(yang) He Shou Wu and White(yin) He Shou Wu both have Ye Jiao Teng and they cross each other during the night.

For Acupuncture, I often use 4 needle technique LU tonification for Bruxism.  I think that LU governs Qi include Sleep wave pattern.  It helps Bruxism with appropriate formula.   
LU tonification: Tonify SP3, LU9 and Sedate HT8, LU10